Orthotics Arch Support

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Color: Black
  • Pain Relief - Compression arch support brace effectively alleviates discomfort caused by flat feet and plantar fasciitis, allowing you to move without pain
  • Enhanced Comfort - The brace features a built-in orthotic insert that provides exceptional comfort and support to your arch, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience throughout the day
  • Adjustable Compression - With its adjustable straps, this arch support brace allows you to customize compression on arch of your feet, making it suitable for wearing with or without shoes
  • Crafted with high-quality materials, including a durable strap and reliable fasteners, this bandage offers excellent stability and secure foot fixation for long-lasting support
  • Any Activity - Whether you're resting, working out, or simply going for a walk, this product is designed to provide reliable arch support, ensuring comfort and stability in every step

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Customize your comfort

Removable plate for personalized arch support, orthotic design

Key features

Can be worn with or without a plate, skin-friendly material, reliable hook and loop