Ball of Foot Cushions [2 Pairs]

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Color: clear
  • Get relief from foot pain with Brison Health Gel Metatarsal Pads. These pads come with a toe loop that helps to comfortably secure them behind the second toe, ensuring they stay in place.
  • Designed to provide cushioning for the ball of the foot, heels, and toes, they're effective in treating forefoot and metatarsal problems. They're perfect for both women and men and come with a non-slip fit for shoes. Made of durable gel, they're washable and long-lasting. These pads are perfect for dancers, athletes, or anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet. They're also great for people suffering from calluses, corns, or plantar fasciitis.
  • Protect your feet with Brison Health Gel Metatarsal Pads with Toe Loop today!

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Compact protection

Impact compensation without size increase

Key features

Gel cushioning for ball of foot, sleek design fits under any shoe, open shoes compatible