Felt Foot Pads 1/6" Thick [3 Pairs]

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  • Developed by Brison Health podiatrists, these metatarsal pads are designed to relieve ball-of-foot pain, Metatarsalgia, tingling, numbness, forefoot capsulitis, calluses, Morton's neuroma, and forefoot bursitis. They feature innovative suede inserts that stick to your shoes or feet to absorb shock and reduce pressure while walking or standing.
  • The soft cushions with a suede surface are skin-friendly, absorb sweat, and are suitable for both men and women. These metatarsal pads can be adhered directly to the painful area, placed on an insole, or inserted directly into your shoe. They are effective in all shoes and prevent feet from sliding in heels or forward.
  • The thick felt cushions protectors help relieve pressure on the balls of your feet, making them perfect for medical and orthopedic use. Whether you're wearing high heels or flat shoes, these insoles are a must-have to keep your feet comfortable and pain-free.

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Felt softness

Gentle comfort for high heel enthusiasts

Key features

Soft felt material, ball of foot cushioning, strong adhesive