Itch Relief Patches

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Patches: 60
  • Instant Itch Relief: Stickers provide hydrocolloid-based bug bite itch relief infused with aloe and witch hazel. Gentle for kids, effective for all
  • Safe & Effective: Dermatologist-engineered bug bite things with all-natural ingredients for your family's comfort. Say goodbye to mosquito bites without harmful ingredients!
  • Pool Time Approved: Enjoy swimming without worrying about itching. Stickers can be left on for up to 2 days, giving you continuous mosquito bite itch relief
  • Kid-Friendly Travel Essential: Keep kids itch-free during outdoor adventures with our easy-to-apply, mosquito patches. Must-have for baby camping
  • Faster Effect: Say goodbye to dark marks and inflammation caused by bug bites. Our patented hydrocolloid base absorbs excess fluids, and mosquito saliva, promoting faster help

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