Sport Extreeme Grip

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Size: Men 5-8 Women 6.5-9.5
  • Designed for hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those engaged in active sports, these lightweight insoles offer a lower arch and shallower heel cup compared to traditional inserts. Despite their compact size, these insoles provide excellent support and stabilization for the arch of the foot. Their slim and flexible design makes them an excellent choice for snug-fitting shoes, while the gel material incorporated within offers cushioning and support, reducing the impact and enhancing performance.
  • Featuring a ventilation system with strategically placed perforations, these insoles ensure breathability, allowing air to circulate effectively. Additionally, the microfiber cover aids in moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during extended periods of use.
  • These insoles are ideal for individuals who spend prolonged hours on their feet, as they enhance blood circulation and promote better foot health. Moreover, the insoles are coated with a material that provides excellent grip between the foot and the insole, enhancing control and stability during various activities.

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Compact design for athletic footwear, non-slip coverage for stability

Key features

Non slip top layer, moderate arch support, compact design, heel impact protection, great for active sports