Ball of Foot Cushions [3 Pairs]

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  • Looking for relief from ball of foot pain, calluses, and metatarsalgia? Brison Health's innovative high heel inserts have got you covered! Made from soft and durable medical-grade PU gel, these invisible foot pads for shoes are perfect for everyday use. Their one size fits all design ensures that they will fit comfortably in any shoe, providing soft cushions that will ease your pain and give you happy feet.
  • Brison's self-adhesive insoles for heels are designed to absorb forefoot shock, making them perfect for those who wear high heels. Their innovative design features a convex shape that provides extra softness and cushioning, helping to prevent Morton's Neuroma, Plantar Fasciitis, Corns and Calluses, Metatarsal Foot Pain. These insoles also prevent slipping forward in high heels, giving you added stability and comfort.
  • These high heel inserts are no-trace removable and reusable, so you can use them again and again. They're fixed to your shoe with a self-adhesive layer, ensuring that they won't slip or slide around.

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Great comfort for high heels

Additional cushioning with thicker gel pads

Key features

soft cushions, adhesive backing for secure fit, gel padding for ball of foot pressure relief, easy removing