10 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

10 Ways to Make High Heels More Comfortable

Heels are Essential

High heels make a huge difference in completing a look. Dresses are usually complemented by a lovely pair of heels. Corporate attire, especially, requires heels to achieve the power dressing style to look competent and confident. Heels have become an essential part of the daily lives of women.

However, wearing heels even for just a few hours can be stressful and cause ball of foot pain. And when your feet are already hurting, it is extremely difficult to walk in heels. Thankfully, there are effective ways to help your feet get comfortable even when wearing heels all day.

10 Ways to Make Your Heels Comfortable

Aside from using the usual gel pads for high heels, there are other methods to make your high-heel-wearing experience comfy. Follow these useful guidelines to ease into wearing heels and avoid torturing your feet.

Here are the ten tips for you to try out and experience the difference.

1. Choose proper-fitting heels

Same as when buying other types of shoes, it is very important to get ones that are the correct size. To get the right fit, have your feet measured at a shoe shop. The store assistant will record both the length and width to determine your exact shoe size. It will now be easier for you to get proper fitting shoes.

You can also choose shoes that sport ankle straps. These straps will provide extra support so that your heel will not slide out of your shoe when walking.

Also, remember to keep your toenails trimmed. The best shoe fit does not have extra room for long nails. Keep them short enough to make sure your toes will not hurt.

2. Get the right heel height and incline ratio

Just because the heel is lower does not equate to a more comfortable one. The incline of the instep is a key factor that people don’t immediately realize.

Choose shoes with a gradual foot incline for better weight distribution. You can tell by measuring the gap between the heel and the sole of the shoe. Shoes with a smaller gap mean the incline is steep and can strain your feet. On the other hand, the shoe with the longer distance from heel to sole has a gentler incline which makes it more comfortable for your feet.

Surprisingly, some 5-inch heels are more comfortable to walk in because of their more gradual incline than 3-inch heels that have a steep incline.

However, if you really fell in love with those 5-inch heels that are slightly uncomfortable, there is still the way. You can bring them to a shoe alteration shop where they can cut off a portion of the heels to lower it a bit for a more gradual incline.

3. Pick a thicker heel

Not everyone has the skill to pull off stilettos. If you are having a difficult time walking in those inverted Eiffel tower heels, don’t sweat it. Just choose a pair that has a wider contact point, like a wedge shoe. The wider sole surface provides a more stable base, so, the wider, the better.

You can also choose to get platform heels or the hidden-heel shoes that are trending these days. You get the same elevation without the danger of wobbling in such great heights.

4. Test the shoes

If you are purchasing shoes, it is best to do it at a physical store. This way, you can fit and test the shoes before buying them.

Do not simply rely on the size tag. Try on the shoes and walk around the store for about 2 minutes. If they feel comfortable and nothing hurts after the test, then that is a sign that that pair is good for your feet.

If purchasing online, there is no way to test the fit before paying for them. Shoe sizing can be tricky, and different brands have a different fit. So, the trick is to not remove any tags on the shoes. Take them out of the box and do the 2-minute test carefully. Take care not to damage any part of the footwear.

If the shoe fails the test, you can safely return the item and request the size that would probably fit you.

If the shoe passes, then you can congratulate yourself on a successful purchase.

5. Break your shoes in

A lot of people tend to buy heels right before an occasion. However, shoes don’t come comfortable out of the box. You need to break them in first.

To perform a breaking-in, put on thick socks before wearing the heels. This will stretch the material to give way to the shape of your feet and give it some comfortable space.

Then walk around the house in gradual lengths of time. For the first time, try walking for 30 minutes. The next time, do an hour. Then wear them for 2 hours after that.

Wear them while doing chores around the house, doing your daily prep routine for the day, or doing small errands.

This should give your shoes enough stretch and bend to soften them up. They will be comfortable and ready to go on the big day.

6. Use foot cushions, pads, or foot sleeves

Everyone knows how uncomfortable wearing heels could be. The built-in high heel cushions usually don’t offer enough support for your feet. That is why podiatrists have developed separate cushions for high heels. The gel insoles provide extra cushioning to take pressure off the ball of your foot.

Aside from that, high heel pads also offer arch support to relieve and prevent strain on your foot muscles. Wear these adhesive shoe inserts for a more discreet look on strappy heels.

Soft gel foot sleeves, on the other hand, give a more customized fit and feel. The snug fit ensures that your feet won’t slip back and forth inside your shoe. Same as heel cushions, foot sleeves shift pressure from the ball of the foot. They also prevent you from getting calluses, blisters, and bunions. Wear them comfortably in any closed-toe heels.

7. Use an anti-friction balm

Just like your lips, even your feet need a balm. You can prevent blisters from happening by simply swiping the lubricating balm on the points where your feet get chafed by the shoe. It gives your skin a protective coating that lets the shoe slide over your feet without scraping your sensitive skin.

Put a layer on your skin before wearing your heels. Then bring the balm with you to reapply throughout the day when it feels that the effect is wearing off. Confidently walk in your heels all day knowing you are safe from blisters.

8. Use moleskin padding

These bandages are a lifesaver. You can use them to cover existing blisters and to prevent future ones from popping up. Get instant relief, so you can walk normally in high heels even with blisters.

Simply cut strips and stick them on to shield the vulnerable areas of your feet. The adhesive is safe on the skin. You don’t have to worry about acquiring unsightly rashes or getting sticky leftover adhesive on your feet.

9. Master walking in heels

Get a good posture. Imagine a string on the top of your head pulling your body up. Straighten your back and push your chest slightly forward. A slight sexy curve on the small of your back will naturally occur due to the heels.

As for walking, don’t stomp your feet flat on the ground. Rather, rock your foot from heel to toe. Practice walking until it feels natural and you get a smooth stride. After learning to walk on flat terrain, practice walking up and down the stairs and likewise on an incline.

As you practice regularly, wearing heels will feel natural and you will gain confidence.

10. Rest

Wearing high heels for long periods can really cause some level of pain and soreness even with these safety precautions. The fact is humans were not born to balance and walk using only the balls of their feet. The unnaturalness of it will eventually show its effects when wearing heels for an extended time.

To avoid this from happening, you should rest your feet throughout the day. Take off your shoes whenever you have the chance. Do it under your work table, when you go to the restroom, and during breaks.

Flex your foot back and forth and rotate your ankles to improve circulation. Let your feet breathe. The few minutes of rest from the shoes make a huge difference in your foot health.

Then, when you wear your heels again, they will feel fresh and comfortable once more.

Wear Heels With Confidence

Gain confidence in the knowledge that you can look stunning while still being healthy and safe by practicing these tips.

Wearing high heels can really highlight your assets and make you look great. Just make sure to select the right choices, do the proper precautions, and practice your stride. Your feet will thank you for it.

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